Update 31/8/21

Ordering will only enabled when stock is at hand. Tuesday's orders were shipped. We are planning some supply end of week if a delivery method can be organised.
With prolonged heavy rainfall forecast from this Friday, no harvesting is expected Friday 3rd September to Wednesday 8th September.

Updated 24/8/21 7:45PM

High Teas are now cancelled totally. They may return to our farm later in the year in better weather, and we are investigating further options!

Approaching the end of truffle season, the daily harvest volume and choice of sizes reduces,
We will only list available fresh stock a day or so prior to shipping cutoff dates.
Eg. Sunday/Monday harvest for Tuesday Post
Tues/Wed for Thursday Refrigerated shipping
Otherwise, we will focus on snap-freezing the peak harvest for future use in fully natural products and truffle experiences, like further High Teas and private events.

These checkboxes should last until end of Truffle Season }

  • Express Post remains an option Nationwide, now sending Tuesdays, {By our testing, Mondays have high parcel demand, a weekend backlog, and are processed slower, thus Tuesday's are currently best}
    • Aust Post seems to be delivering with normal speed mid-week.
  • Farm Gate contactless collection is available by appointment,
    if you are able to travel. Contact us.

  • Refrigerated Transport Victoria Wide/Metro: $20, delivery on Friday.
    Orders need to be received two days before, (Wednesday) evening cutoff
    Freshly harvested Truffle (Tues/Wed) is taken to courier depot an hour away, on Thursday evening for overnight delivery on Friday.
  • Hand Delivery is no longer available, with too few orders to continue the free service, especially with Post currently reliable.
    Orders need to be received the day before, evening cutoff
    • Consider as a business, 3 orders, at some extremes of Melbourne Metropolitan, Frankston, St Kilda, Greensborough... 3hrs27min, 187km by GoogleMaps, this does not equal a viable delivery schedule, especially when there's still truffle in the ground to be harvested.
    • versus 3 Orders by Australia post, pick orders to weight of best truffle available, carefully pack insulated boxes noting weather forecast, notify tracking info, 11km round trip to post office... 1 to 1.5 hours, still not great but doesn't destroy an entire day.
    • 15 orders pre-packs... 3hrs?
    • 15 orders hand delivery = 10-12 hours. 40kmh zones are killing Melbourne.

Consumer confidence seems to have plummeted, as have online orders, thus the further reduction in delivery dates.