Spring 2021

Spring 2021

Changing Truffle Season

This post will be updated a few times through the end of September.
{updated 27/9/21}

  • We were still harvesting a few truffles on the 17,18th of September 2021
  • But, with 40+ mm of rain incoming on 19,20th  and a lot more rain forecast throughout October & November,
    essential soil Aeration for the 2022 season became top priority
  • So the end of season 2021 truffles are overlapping with preparation for the 2022 season.

Will there be more truffle?

  • We had some hopes after the aeration work and the rain, but there was not enough found.
    A hunt on Thursday 23rd found the soil was still too wet, and yielded only 147grams, (not enough to offer deliveries).
    and hopes for drier soil and a final larger harvest on Sunday 26th were not realised with just this final 50grams. 
    Soil was still too wet, so not many were harvested Thursday 23rdFinal truffles
    With better truffle weather at the end of September, than throughout July and August, it's been a very strange season.
    Any later miracles showing up during orchard work will be eaten or offered to regular clients.

    After early Autumn frosts, a warm winter with high rainfall, much truffle was lost due to the soil being too warm or too wet to find truffle.
    [June 181mm, July 109mm, August 49mm, September 97mm]
    Overall harvest was only 20% of potential crop, and mostly Covid related problems saw only half of that sold. Fortunately this was expected and partially covered by planning.
  • -------------------
  • Some people have left their contact details for any final truffles,
    • some only if there's hand delivery available?
    • refrigerated courier within Metro/Vic is an option, but costs us $30 and a long drive to depot
    • others are willing to risk Post, which appears to have recovered.
  • Farmgate collection by appointment remains an option, but most cannot travel
  • But, Father's Day weekend, even after the Better Homes & Gardens TV episode, which aired on 3rd September (repeated 12th)
    See the episode on the Better Homes & Gardens website <opens in new window>
    actually saw zero orders, and only a few the following week.
    • Consumer confidence has plummeted
    • Hand delivery on 13th September was necessary, as Australia Post service collapsed over the first half of September. Driving 200km for four orders is not viable.
    • So it is questionable if it is worth hunting for truffle any longer. We'll still look though, as we've more recipes to test

What about after Lockdown?

  • The High Teas by the Truffière are currently planned to return for the month before Christmas.
  • Snap-frozen truffle of various grades and forms is available. With full flavour, and intact aroma, it can suit some dishes better than fresh - with instant flavour release, while other uses are not recommended or simply impossible (eg. aroma infusions). Appropriate usage advice is available. 
    • We'll be posting some recipe ideas with how to use frozen truffle.
    • There is a series of posts on our Instagram starting last Christmas with a Frozen Truffle Turkey,
      click the frozen truffle below to jump to the posts.
      Frozen Truffle, Instagram link
  • At some point there will be a small range of unique, genuine truffle products.
    • Fully natural only, so no truffle oils (buy a fully fake oil at your supermarket, it's cheaper than synthetic based gourmet oils with traces of some type of truffle/fungi)

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