Truffle "pre-packed", A grade


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Preselected truffles for easier shipping, description below.

  • Medium 6 serves
  • Large 8 serves
  • Extra Large 10 serves
  • A serving is about 5 grams/dish
    • but varies with the food, 3-5g/person, 1g/egg etc.

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The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 60 grams

  • Medium pack
  • Large pack
  • Extra Large

More info

An A-grade Truffle is good for infusions, works better in dishes (even with smaller amounts)

They have full flavour and maintain their aroma for longer.  Makes a fantastic roast chicken

Our packaging labour is reduced by faster selection of set amounts. This allows us more time in the orchard to actually farm the truffles, thus "Pre-packed" Truffles only, no slicer, eggs or chopping board.

eg a Large pack is approximately 40g, and might be

  • a single 41g truffle,
  • OR 18g plus 25g truffles
  • OR less likely a truffle with a single cut
  • aroma and flavour are the top priority in any selection
  • pre-packs are approximately $4/g, because typical over packing by several grams is a substantial percentage

Any product images, with slicer, eggs, chopping board are for presentation only.
Slicers can be purchased from this store.


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The only current option is Express Post. +$33

Orders must be placed by Monday Evening
We currently prefer to send Wednesday, allowing 2 days delivery for Metro, and would rather send Tuesday for interstate.

  • Indicate your interest in using a Click & Collect option for city locations by email or sms
    We are gauging if there is sufficient interest to support it.

Spray Free

Our Truffle Orchard is run on organic principles, fostering the symbiotic relationship between the truffle and host tree. We believe there is no place in the production of a delicate, gourmet product for the use of either herbicide or pesticide sprays. which can reduce flavour and aroma of truffles.

#Truffle pack refers to it may contain several pre-selected truffles. Images for reference only and a pack contains truffle/s only. It does not include slicer eggs or chopping board.


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