2023 Truffle Season

2023 Truffle Season

Current Truffle Season 17th June 2023 to early-Spring 2023

As the cold weather begins to kick into gear, many peoples thoughts turn toward Winter comfort food, with one of the jewels of the season being truffle!

Similar to a ski resorts, the calendar date does not mean there is good snow, or truffle worth eating!
It is the weather that dictates the start of either decent snow or truffles.

Autumn 2023 saw many colder than usual nights, and as a result there were tantalising aromas already present in the truffle orchard at the end of May 2023.
The first good truffles were harvested a week into June, and supply has rapidly increased.

FARMGATE SALES are OPEN from 17th June,

  • aSaturday, Sunday 2pm to 5:30,
  • Thursday 4-7pm
  • or by an Appointment that fits our workload


Always confirm hours on our Google Maps, Business Listing, 

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As per the pictured truffle calendar, black coloured truffle worth eating commences sometime in June, generally around Winter Solstice. Similarly the indicated brown portion on the chart represents truffle that has some of the desirable qualities, but not enough to qualify for sale.
Note the overlap of brown with black. Unripe truffle can be found all winter, usually by accident. A nice smell today, should be left to become a fantastic aroma and flavour a few weeks later (if pests don't get it)

This is also the case for "cheap truffle" that is often found in the market, sometimes intentionally harvested too early for greater yield and lower costs. 
There is always cheaper, earlier, paler "truffle" offered on the market, both domestically and especially for export.
Unsurprisingly, you get what you pay for, but ask yourself, is it worth what you paid for it?
Do you want a Truffle? or lump of fungus?