Shipping, Delivery, Collection

Online Truffles

  • Farm Gate contactless collection is available by appointment,
    • Final Farm Gate Truffles might be 18, 19th September?¬† It depends upon what happens post rain event.
      • Priority is now on preparation for next season
      • Truffles past 15th September will be farm gate only, by appointment on any day
    • Free to collect,
      • ...if you are free to travel under restrictions.
    • Contact us.
  • Refrigerated Transport within Victoria
    • Now only available for commercial orders going forward in 2022
    • Truffle is taken to depot next day for overnight delivery.
  • Hand Delivery¬† LAST DELIVERY WAS 14/9/2021
  • Express Post

Farmgate Truffles

  • No order necessary
  • Top grade always available
  • Lower grades subject to harvest and are used quickly
    Eg. Pieces/trim is used for product development.

Other Products

Such as Kitchenware and Pantry items, are shipped by Parcel Post, as orders are received.

However, Truffle Slicers can be sent together with a truffle purchase.


This online store is only for facilitating Australian sales.
We do export, but only significant commercial quantities.
Currently for Europe, Hong Kong Incoterm-CPT available. [CPT Carriage Paid Transport]
Other destinations depending on advice from our international freight handler.
USA, Canada we will not organise shipping due to complex export issues, ex-works only, customer must arrange export.