About us

About us

Yarra Valley Truffles

Located near Melbourne, in Victoria's Yarra Valley, our truffle orchard has been producing since 2011.

Our goal is to produce and market the highest quality truffles possible. Ripening truffle is first located, then further monitored until reaching peak quality. They are then classified with regard to our standards. Although labour intensive, this approach ensures the truffles are unearthed at optimal quality.

The truffiére maintenance schedule promotes a fully natural, healthy soil & environment through mechanical pruning & slashing only. No fertilisers or herbicides are used.

Our team

Our Team
Truffle Dog "Lani" and owner Stuart Dunbar

Lani is our truffle dog, she locates which truffles need to be harvested in the current week (although she can detect them 4 weeks earlier).

Lani is a Lagotto Romagnolo, an Italian breed that goes back centuries.
Originally gun dogs & water retrievers, they are high energy working dog, and regularly employed as truffle hounds.

Stuart studied biology, water science & computing during his science degree, and is finally putting the science skills to use. Continuous observation and small scale research is improving his understanding of all things truffle, from truffiére through to kitchen & plate.