2022 Season

2022 Season Season Started 21st June 2022 Good truffles at last!Farmgate sales are now open on Weekend afternoons and Thursday evenings from 25th June.Online sales commenced 17th July, delayed due to finalisation of a refrigerated courier delivery option. Why so late?Truffle season is a degree of ripeness, not a calendar date! A long warm Autumn substantially delayed the season start and Australia has had it's third warmest Autumn on record, (2016, 2005 were the other two years)In Melbourne, this warmth continued int [...]  Read more >

Spring 2021

Spring 2021 Changing Truffle Season This post will be updated a few times through the end of September.{updated 27/9/21} We were still harvesting a few truffles on the 17,18th of September 2021 But, with 40+ mm of rain incoming on 19,20th  and a lot more rain forecast throughout October & November, essential soil Aeration for the 2022 season became top priority So the end of season 2021 truffles are overlapping with preparation for the 2022 season. Will there be more truffle? We had some hopes after the aer [...]  Read more >


LOCKDOWN V6.3 LOCKDOWN VERSION 6.x Update 31/8/21 Ordering will only enabled when stock is at hand. Tuesday's orders were shipped. We are planning some supply end of week if a delivery method can be organised.With prolonged heavy rainfall forecast from this Friday, no harvesting is expected Friday 3rd September to Wednesday 8th September. Updated 24/8/21 7:45PM High Teas are now cancelled totally. They may return to our farm later in the year in better weather, and we are investigating further options! Approaching t [...]  Read more >

LOCKDOWN v6, Hand Deliveries

LOCKDOWN v6, Hand Deliveries LOCKDOWN VERSION 5 6... POST NOW OUT OF DATE {I've changed the version number, for High Teas we originally expected restarting the 12th anyhow...Likely leaving us with less than a month to earn a year's income...I can only hope for greater online customer support during this round of lockdown, there's not much truffle season left, and it's mostly been wiped out by lockdowns.To make things easier... Lockdown 6.0 Lockdown 7.0 Lockdown 8.0 This should last until the death of Truffle Season } Hand Deliver [...]  Read more >

2021 season, June: New Online Store

Welcome to our new online store and News section. Tuesday 29 June 2021 Store maintenance completed Current Status Hunting Tuesday/Wednesday Rabbit impact on truffles has lessened significantly, we'll now be able to list truffle packs etc. Aiming for a mid week shipment by courier/hand Private hunt events to be listed soon Next Farmgate, Thursday evening 4-7pm 21 June 2021 Late afternoon hunt proved a likely supply of size and shapes in good quality is now available to support online ordering [...]  Read more >
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