Late season supply

Late season supply As harvest currently becomes measured in mere handfuls per dog-hunt hour, is looking to be an early end to truffle season this year, although with strange weather patterns it's not yet quite certain, there is normally a substantial September drop in demand even without doom & gloom financial reports in the media, which will see us close farmgate sometime in early September this season.Sustained cold weather slowed production in August, while delivering some of the best quality seen in the past few ye [...]  Read more >

Grading Truffle versus Classifying

Truffle Grading “We don't care to eat toadstools that think they are truffles.” — Mark Twain. Commonly truffles are classified by a size/shape system that indicates nothing about their actual eating qualities.To grade a truffle on qualities of flavour and aroma takes substantial experience, (and the opportunity to see, smell, eat top quality vs mediocre truffles more commonly available). A grading system that describes indicates actual quality A grade Aromatic, All a truffle should be, [...]  Read more >
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