Truffle Season 2024

Truffle Season 2024 One of the coldest Autumns on record has kicked our truffle season into gear earlier than usual.With the first our tantalising tastes mid-May, there was a mixed harvest of early-Truffles at the end of May.Unusually, these were the only truffles in Melbourne for the first day of Winter, as interstate suppliers had a warm Autumn counter to our cold one. Farmgate hours for June are currently 1pm to 5pm, Sat, Sun, and by appointment during the week,  Any unexpected changes will  always be updated on Google Ma [...]  Read more >

Grading Truffle versus Classifying

Truffle Grading “We don't care to eat toadstools that think they are truffles.” — Mark Twain. Commonly truffles are classified by a size/shape system that indicates nothing about their actual eating qualities.To grade a truffle on qualities of flavour and aroma takes substantial experience, (and the opportunity to see, smell, eat top quality vs mediocre truffles more commonly available). A grading system that describes indicates actual quality A grade Aromatic, All a truffle should be, [...]  Read more >
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