Being updated Jun'21

NOTE: Customer initiated cancellations, must be received and acknowledged before the order is shipped, else full payment is due.

NOTE: In the extremely unlikely event of unfulfilled orders (weather calamity), the payment can be refunded to bank account by end of week,
or with agreement, held over with priority to be filled the following week.

Online payment options, Internet Banking

POLi  by Australia Post

  • Preferred online payment method = extra truffle, over-packed by >5% 

    • Our shopping cart sends amount to be paid to POLi, POLi connects you to your bank, you make payment
    • Your bank confirms payment has been made to POLi, which notifies our shopping cart,
    • this enables us to ship even though the funds may be in transit

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Direct Deposit/Funds Transfer

Bank account details are also available if you'd prefer to directly deposit, or use your Internet Banking without the assistance of POLi

  • Select Direct Deposit at Checkout for our account details. We use Bendigo Bank.
  • Check processing times for transfer with your bank, typically next business day.
  • Deposit payment through a bank or via your banks Internet Banking portal.
  • Ensure payment has completed properly.

This will DELAY shipping until payment is manually verified, we will check our account for pending payments in mornings.

Online credit card payments

Processed via PayPal.

Pay with PayPal
Official PayPal Seal

Farm Gate payment options

  • Cash preferred, extra truffle
  • Card payment available in person using Square Register


Trade payment options

Cash on Delivery

  • Cash preferred
  • Card payment available in person using Square Register



  • Approved trade clients only, after initial transaction

  • Orders charged per gram delivered

  • Invoiced truffle will cost more than COD.
  • An additional 20cents/gram will also be applied, then discounted when paid on/before due date. (for the venues that ignore due dates)

Truffle is best used within 7 days, and has generally been sold by the venue in this timeframe, so waiting 30, 60... 90 days for payment, makes little sense to us, especially when truffle season only runs 6-8 weeks.
Too often, the longer the terms a venue requests, the harder it is to get paid. 25% of 2016 season's invoices went months past due date!


All prices on this site are in Australian Dollars

Sales are also restricted to Australia.