2021 Season has commenced end of May

A few early Truffles are being harvested, and quality is rapidly improving,
But Farm gate remains closed due to Lockdown,
Alternatives to Australia Post are being finalised,
and online ordering will be available soon.

Our Organic approach to Truffiére maintenance promotes a fully natural, healthy soil & environment, resulting in full aroma & flavour.

We aim to produce and market the highest quality truffles possible.
No chemical sprays or fertilisers are used.
A truffle should provide a unique, special gourmet experience, not a substandard biological specimen that is technically a truffle, but not worth eating.
If the market continues to demand cheap and nasty, we will find another income.

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  • Farm gate collection only.Three grades available;Top grade has high aroma, full flavourMid grade has some aroma, full flavourLow grade is only regarded as a flavour component. As with fresh truffle, there is actually a considerable variation in grades, and are best matched to intended use.

  • Truffle begins ripening in early Winter. At the start of the season a lot of it fails to reach the degree of aroma and flavour reached in the peak truffle season.This truffle can still be used in simple dishes such as eggs and truffle butter. They smell & taste alright, but lack the intensity of peak season truffle. Those familiar with truffles, will...

  • An eGift card for use at farm gate sales during winter truffle season. Web link also printed on card for ordering online items/events eGift Voucher issue, purchase history, value tracking is independently handled by our credit card processor, Square Click here to order through Square;

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items