2022 Season will commence sometime in June...

... and harvest will peak throughout July, August, and normally continues into September.
Exact end of season is typically determined by prolonged warm weather destroying any remaining truffles.

We define the start of season as when the ripening truffle is of sufficient quality for a proper truffle dish, such as truffle infused roast chicken.

Early truffles with lesser aroma/flavour do not qualify for online sales. However, we will sell better examples of early-season truffles at farm gate, where we can directly advise on best usage methods to experienced truffle consumers who don't want to wait any longer to start their Winter truffle experiences.

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  • Farm Gate is by appointment only SEASON CLOSED, Snap Frozen Truffle available No Shipping, Only available ex Farm Gate, Woori Yallock Various grades available, see below;. Usage advice, especially for first time truffle cooking. Some demonstrations or samples may be present Truffle Sales only during shop hours, no orchard walks/hunts

  • Farm gate collection only. Three grades available;Top grade has high aroma, full flavourMid grade has some aroma, full flavourLow grade is only regarded as a flavour component. As with fresh truffle, there is actually a considerable variation in grades, and are best matched to intended use, from roast chicken to sauces.

  • An eGift card for use at farm gate sales during winter truffle season. Web link also printed on card for ordering online items/events eGift Voucher issue, purchase history, value tracking is independently handled by our credit card processor, Square Click here to order through Square;

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items