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Dinners might get announced here if time permits.


Orchard visits? Most of a hunt is related to the trees, dogs finding truffles, Q&A about how they grow etc.
All of this can be done without interfering with the short harvest season, so can be conducted at a lower cost, in nicer weather.

Snap frozen truffle is available, providing options of smelling ripe truffle, cooking demonstrations or sales.


No ticketed Public Truffle Hunt Events during peak harvest season, they cost too much in lost harvest hours/weather.

Truffle Hunts available by arrangement, priced accordingly

Dinners etc to be determined later in year.


Truffle Hunts may become feasible again as the harvest season quietens down and it takes longer to find nice truffles.

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  • Some consideration of unique, exclusive, private hunt experiences can be considered during peak harvest season, IF they cover some of the risk of missing harvested kilograms, or meeting the requirements of an export order.We have 10 weeks to generate a year’s income, which makes us quite sensitive to any loss of harvest/sales time. "Truffle Experiences"...

  • $300.00 In Stock

    A truffle purchasing appointment, with some dog interaction Minimum purchase $300, which includes; Some truffle, cooking advice, and/or truffle discussion, and a truffledog showing how it can recognise a ripe truffle with a paw swipe, in the sales area, next to the truffle grading bench, included with the purchase optional dog demonstration on...

  • $1,650.00

    Can we hunt for truffles? Maybe?, are you prepared to support our risks? The often expected truffle hunt in the paddock… is usually done by tourism focused farms.It can be done, but it risks our harvest time and potentially loses several kilograms of truffle…Truffle Harvesting hours are often affected by weather, if not harvested in the critical time,...

  • An eGift card for use at farm gate sales during winter truffle season. Web link also printed on card for ordering online items/events eGift Voucher issue, purchase history, value tracking is independently handled by our credit card processor, Square Click here to order through Square;

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items