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There are some events, city demonstrations, dinners, under planning
Private Truffle Hunts in Winter 2021


  • Group Cooking demonstration, class, lunch is also a possibility.

  • Other possibilities; Chef day, truffle grading workshop
  • A few visits by appointment

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  • We are working on the details; {14/7... LOCKDOWN! we'll complete this listing after recovering from Lockdown damage} We are a commercial farm, and finding time/weather for hunts is difficult, and can impact harvest Price options will reflect this 2-4 people only, less risk of truffles being stepped upon this event is listed incomplete, as phone...

  • An eGift card for use at farm gate sales during winter truffle season. Web link also printed on card for ordering online items/events eGift Voucher issue, purchase history, value tracking is independently handled by our credit card processor, Square Click here to order through Square;

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items