Frozen, Black Winter Truffle

Reference: 103-FG FROZ

Condition: New product

  • Farm gate collection only.

Three grades available;
Top grade has high aroma, full flavour
Mid grade has some aroma, full flavour
Low grade is only regarded as a flavour component.

As with fresh truffle, there is actually a considerable variation in grades, and are best matched to intended use, from roast chicken to sauces.

$50.00 tax incl.

$50.00 per Deposit

More info

  • Currently only available for collection from Farm Gate by appointment;

  • frozen courier option is too expensive for small orders.

  • Minimum purchase of $50 taken as a deposit before appointment, fully credited towards purchase
  • several grades, mostly prepared for use in restaurant/kitchens, generally from $2 - $3/g
  • cheaper, industrial grade also available in wholesale amounts only. 
  • Arrange an appointment by phone or email. Available most times for appointments. We are already working full time towards next harvest, so there are no open shop hours until next Winter.

Shelf life

Once a packet is opened and stored in a domestic style freezer, flavour aspects will still be retained indefinitely.
A sealed container is still desirable as the lighter aroma aspects are still volatile at -18C


Depending on the dish 3-5 grams per person, per dish is generally a suitable amount.
For frozen truffle, Sauces etc are an obvious example often used in restaurants, but higher grade frozen truffle can even outperform early-season truffles in some dishes
Eg. roast poultry, and some egg recipes. But it is not suitable for aroma infusions.
Further usage tips during appointment or after contactless collection.

We use frozen truffle in condiments such as vegan truffle mayonaisse, aioli, butter.
It is superb in dishes such as eggs, carbonara, parmesan sauce, chicken, sousvide veal/pork dishes, roast turkey, mascarpone desserts, quiche, tarts etc.
some of which perform better than with fresh truffle, and experimentation is ongoing.

Spray Free

Our Truffle Orchard is run on organic principles, fostering the symbiotic relationship between the truffle and host tree. We believe there is no place in the production of a delicate, gourmet product for the use of either herbicide or pesticide sprays. which can also reduce flavour and aroma of truffles.


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