LOCKDOWN v6, Hand Deliveries

LOCKDOWN v6, Hand Deliveries



{I've changed the version number, for High Teas we originally expected restarting the 12th anyhow...
Likely leaving us with less than a month to earn a year's income...
I can only hope for greater online customer support during this round of lockdown, there's not much truffle season left, and it's mostly been wiped out by lockdowns.
To make things easier...

This should last until the death of Truffle Season }

  • Hand Delivery is available throughout Melbourne, currently we have chosen Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday as delivery dates
    Orders need to be received the day before, evening cutoff

  • Refrigerated Transport Victoria Wide: delivery on Wed/Friday.
    Orders need to be received two days before, evening cutoff
    Truffle is taken to depot next day for overnight delivery.

  • Express Post remains an option Nationwide, sending Mondays to maximise delivery time
    Orders need be received evening prior
    Farm Gate contactless collection is available by appointment,
    • We might be able to post later in week, on request, contact us.
    • Aust Post seems to be delivering normally this time.

  • if you are able to travel. Contact us.

Latest News

It’s been a busy start to the season,and our online store had a Paypal problem preventing orders, which is now fixed... by removing Paypal option until it's tested more...

A new card payment option has been added to the cart, using Stripe payments
If you encounter a problem, please let us know.
{We can also process a transaction by Square, manually sending an SMS/email link for card payment}

Under lockdown we are freezing truffle, developing some product ideas for post season
and trying to make the online store clearer, simpler...

When the lockdown lifts... and the travel restrictions allow customers to reach us...
the High Tea Igloos will re-open

Lani is trying to take over an igloo as a worker’s lunchroom.
She also chased Rabbasier Rabbit down the hole, stole the Mad Hatter’s hat, and overheard the tea party discussion, Lockdown is not going to lift next Tuesday.
Time for comfort food, truffle harvest does not stop.

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