Truffle Season 2024 -Updated information for online ordering

Truffle Season 2024 -Updated information for online  ordering

One of the coldest Autumns on record has kicked our truffle season into gear earlier than usual.
With the first our tantalising tastes mid-May, there was a mixed harvest of early-Truffles at the end of May.

Unusually, these were the only truffles in Melbourne for the first day of Winter, as interstate suppliers had a warm Autumn counter to our cold one.

Farmgate hours for;
 were 1pm to 5pm, Sat, Sun, and by appointment during the week, 
JULY expected to be different, check the Google Map 

Any unexpected changes will  always be updated on Google Maps

Google Map and Open Hours

Online ordering was enabled for the Start of July.

Initial shipment was by Australia Post WEDNESDAY 3rd July, or click and collect at Farm Gate and an increasing range of venues.
-updated 4th July

Please email, SMS, or comment below, if you find the idea of click and collect at a City or Eastern Suburb option more appealing than postage/courier,
and approximate suburb you would prefer. (We have target suburbs from Covid online delivery, but it will start in Outer East)

We need feedback to focus on the delivery options our customers would prefer?
Every hour working on ordering options, is less time harvesting truffles.