Farm Gate Truffle Sales

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Condition: New product

Farm Gate is by appointment only

SEASON CLOSED, Snap Frozen Truffle available

No Shipping, Only available ex Farm Gate, Woori Yallock

  • Various grades available, see below;.
  • Usage advice, especially for first time truffle cooking.
  • Some demonstrations or samples may be present
  • Truffle Sales only during shop hours, no orchard walks/hunts

More info

Check Google Map listing for any additional days/hours, last minute changes, it will always be up to date.

Google Map and farm gate hours

Open hours and days may be adjusted further according to demand
Large orders >200g can arrange a collection appointment

There are Retail pre-packed truffles available at Rayners Fruit Orchard around the corner from our farm, for when we are closed. They are open 7 days 9am-4pm

A Grade FRESH Truffle

We grade on quality of flavour & aroma, you can buy any shape you like.

  • Indicative prices; {14/7/21 may change through season}
  • >20g, $3.00/gram {>30g recommended for several people to properly experience truffle}
  • >200g, $2.70/gram
  • Lower quality grades priced accordingly on day as available
    • Eg. B Grade (Better) ~$2.50
    • C (Cheap) ~$2
    • E (Economy, like typical interstate offerings) from ~$1
    • you may be able to grab a perfectly round, unblemished, "extra class" E grade with faint aroma and some flavour, but 99% choose to buy the best, even if it's a piece. Truffle is all about flavour and aroma.
  • Ordering/Reserving a truffle is currently not necessary (unless you are after cheaper qualities which are processed or discarded)

Covid Measures

  • We sell outdoors due to the nature of truffle aroma, masks are currently optional.
  • Please use the QR code checkin or paper form...
  • If you like you could phone for a contactless collection, we removed this item from the online store as no-one is able to travel when restrictions are in place
  • Please only handle your final purchase when invited, Safe handling options are available for selecting your truffles.
  • Cash sales preferred, it's simpler and faster for us, and price is rounded down.
  • Card and debit processing available via Square

Square accepted card logos

Further info...

All lower grades as available on the day, -Strictly farm gate only. Trade or public, best $=best product

Only a few want cheaper grades when they see the premium grade truffle. But some dishes can utilise lower grades with acceptable results.;

  • Victorian Truffle, from other small growers or some of our truffle that's not everything it should be, as available, still better than most interstate or export offerings.
  • Melbourne commercial grades
    Starting from the quality typically traded in Melbourne and priced accordingly. These may be slightly older truffle like is shipped interstate (weekend harvest, served following Fri/Sat), or improperly ripe or damaged. from as low as $1.00/g {Minimum value, any properly ripe truffle is worth this as spore, even without aroma, when dug back into ground to seed future season's truffles, or on non-producing trees}
  • Melbourne typical retail grade... also from $1.00 - $2.00 per gram... depending how low grade it is. But no-one wants it when they smell better grades. Often people come to farmgate because they bought poor quality in town and want to see if there's better -Yes, there is!
  • Other Grades, pieces, trim, peel etc. for experiments with soft cheese, sauces etc
    • -advice given, most ideas won't work, commercial products rely on synthetic aroma, not truffle
    • quite limited weekly supply of pieces/trim is anticipated, damage prevention this season has been quite successful
    • salami fades very disappointingly unless a large percentage is used,
    • keeping unpasteurised oil is dangerous, please don't attempt to make this product, but you can make a real oil infusion and use immediately, eg. on salad

A Truffle's aroma is at its best for 4-5 days from harvest, and should be used within 10 days. The aroma reduces over time, but the flavour does remain, and high grade truffles may well last longer when stored properly. It is better to tailor your order to your event date, perhaps allowing a few days of infusions before the main event.

Fresh from the farm

Purchasing direct from the orchard reduces handling delays, and we harvest throughout the week for truly fresh truffle.
(Compare that with the interstate truffle often traded in Melbourne, last week's/weekend's truffle, couriered to an interstate wholesaler Monday/Tuesday, then delivered to a restaurant mid-week for Fri/Sat meals... )

Spray Free

Our Yarra Valley Truffiére is run on organic principles, fostering the symbiotic relationship between the truffle and host tree. We believe there is no place in the production of a delicate, gourmet product for the use of either herbicide or pesticide sprays.


Truffle conversation, advice on getting the most from your truffle, simple dish ideas etc is welcome.

But in interest of other customers, and our 7 day working week, No free orchard tours, impromptu hunts, or lessons on growing truffles.
According to demand, in 2021 there will be some private truffle hunts held prior to afternoon farm gate sales.

See store Events tab for open hunts and visits, or contact out of season for truffle consultation services

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