eGift Voucher

Reference: Voucher2023

An eGift card for use at farm gate sales during winter truffle season.
Web link also printed on card for ordering online items/events

eGift Voucher issue, purchase history, value tracking is independently handled by our credit card processor, Square

Click here to order through Square;

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Choose your own value from $50 or a preset.

Voucher is emailed to you by Square, (or directly to a gift recipient with a message from you)

  • can be sent immediately, or at future date for a birthday or some such
  • Can be used for any purchase at farm gate,
  • Webpage link on card for available online ordering, some offers exclusive to eGift voucher holders
    • Separate to our online store, as cards have no expiry date, this is future proof to any changes in this online store, with value permanently tracked by Square
  • Multiple use until full value is used, (check remaining value online by original email link)
  • Not redeemable for cash.
  • Does not expire.
  • The emailed voucher includes the selected image in typical credit card size. You can download a larger image here or from our voucher page to print a larger card yourself. (web link on the card)

Can be redeemed for Truffles, truffle Slicers or any listed Events.
This Summer;

  • Frozen truffle will be available at Farm Gate by appointment, and as always best usage advice.
  • We may import some European truffle to order in late Dec/January
  • Events possible,
  • Truffle Orchard guided visit (with BYO picnic) for voucher recipients only.

Next Winter;

  • Farm gate truffle sales mid-June to September
  • Events unlikely.

As a guide;

  • minimum farm gate Truffle purchase during season is $60/20grams.


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