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Truffle by the gram

Online ordering for 2024 is open for first week of July

Express Postage & Handling is $33.00 (gst inc.)
as there's substantial packaging and time to send by post

Price is per gram, Minimum online order applies,

Eg. 60 grams
12-18 serves depending on dish,
which would suit a family of four for 3+ meals

Harvested & Shipped direct from our Orchard for properly farm fresh truffle.

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$3.50 tax incl.

$3.50 per gram

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 60 grams

Volume discounts

Quantity Discount You Save
120 $0.10 Up to $12.00

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Price is per gram,

Minimum online order by weight is currently 60 grams.
{For smaller amounts, see the truffle packs... or come to farmgate sales}

  • suits ~3-5 dishes for four people, {plus extra dishes with infused eggs etc.}
  • or perhaps share order with a friend if this seems too much

According to availability, whole truffle/s of A-grade quality.

A-grade is great for infusions, has fully developed flavour and longer lasting aroma than lower grades.
It's everything a truffle should be. The difference between nice, and WOW!

You may also request in cart checkout note;

  • Sharing order with a friend (roughly 50/50)
  • Several different aromas (each tree's truffle is unique)
  • Pretty & round if available (we focus on actual quality, aroma & flavour before shape)


Shipping information can't be listed on each product.


The only current option is Express Post. +$33

Orders must be placed by Monday Evening
We currently prefer to send Wednesday, next day delivery plus a spare, and would rather send Tuesday for interstate.

  • Indicate your interest in using a Click & Collect option for city locations by email or sms
    We are gauging if there is sufficient interest to support it.

Shelf life

A Truffle's aroma is at its best for 4-7 days from harvest, and should ideally be used within 7-10 days. The aroma reduces gradually over time, but the full flavour remains. Truffles may last longer when stored properly, but each truffle varies and needs to be checked daily.
It is better to tailor your order date to your event date, perhaps allowing a few days of infusions before the main event.
Purchasing direct from the orchard reduces handling delays, providing that peak aroma for much longer.

Truffle Storage Tips


Depending on the dish 3-5 grams per person, per dish is generally a suitable amount.
Examples (A-grade truffle only in some cases)

  • 15g per roast chicken,
  • 1g per egg,
  • 5g per 125g butter,
  • 5g per bottle of vodka infusion
  • 7.5-10g per 500g mashed potato

Truffles are heavy, a fresh truffle sinks in water.

  • 40 grams of truffle is around the size of a golf ball, and sufficient to infuse 4 eggs at once. 
  • 160 grams is tennis ball size, and suited to large families or a week of luxury

TIP: A few days infusing ingredients is a good way to get a few tasty meals before actually consuming the truffle itself, in several main dishes. 

TIP: A useful comparison, truffle on the table is typically half the wine cost per person, and far more memorable.

Spray Free

Our Truffle Orchard is run on organic principles, fostering the symbiotic relationship between the truffle and host tree. We believe there is no place in the production of a delicate, gourmet product for the use of either herbicide or pesticide sprays. which can reduce flavour and aroma of truffles.

Perigord Black Winter Truffle (Tuber melanosporum) is regarded as the best of the commercially tamed truffle species

Eg. 60 grams
12-18 serves depending on dish,
which would suit a family of four for 3+ meals


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